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In Memory of My Steven

Kevin Roman

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I must Appologize for doing this... maby I cant do this but... Is what I

Whanted to. I ask you all to please, do not leave any neg reply in this thread, please... This what at least I could do for him and im really

sorry for this. I thank you for taking a moment and by visiting my son.


"Maby he can't go where I am but,

I know I'll go to where he is one day.

And that's what keep me strong"



God Bless You All: app Kevin Roman

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If you didn't want negative comments' date=' why did you post this in the first place? Sure, the card has several minor problems, but I don't understand why you post such an inaccurate card here.



Well i did this for personal reasons that maybe you couldn't understand

and the card has no problem in any sircunstances, I did it the way it has

to be.

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