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All Round Synchro Deck (Help Required)


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The deck i have at the moment a ok-ish Synchro deck but with all the new cards my friends decks are improving ahead of my mine quickly, the only problem is i need the improve the deck but im limited on the cards, i cant buy packs all the time nor do i have many old cards and dont exactly have access to super powered cards (like Mirror Force , Solemn Judgement etc). So all i ask is if you could point out some improvements in the deck (Like reducing how many cards I have for example). The deck was going to be half X-Saber to help with the support when the rest came out.


Main Deck (41):


Monsters (20):

Junk Synchron x2

Road Synchron

Nitro Synchron

X-Saber Airbellum

Rose, Warrior of Revenge


Quillbolt Hedgehog x2

Speed Warrior x2


The Calculator


X-Saber Galahad

Pitchblack Warwolf

Gigastone Omega

Caius the Shadow Monarch

White-Horned Dragon

Big Piece Golem


Spells (11):

Synchro Blast Wave

Double Summon

Brain Control

Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce

Tribute to the Doomed

The Warrior Returning Alive

Synchro Boost


Lightning Vortex

Monster Reborn

Heavy Storm


Traps (10):

Raigeki Break

Scrap-Iron Scarecrow

Karma Cut

Stronghold the Moving Fortress

Sakuretsu Armor

Magic Cynlinder

Dust Tornado

Limiter Overload

Mirror of Oaths

Bottomless Trap Hole


Side Deck (11):

Colossal Fighter

Road Warrior

Junk Warrior x3

Red Dragon Archfiend

X-Saber Urebellum

Gaia Knight, The Force of Earth

Stardust Dragon x2

Nitro Warrior



Removed cards so far:

Junk Synchron x1

Black Horn of Heaven

Dark Dust Devil

Scrap-Iron Scarecrow x1

Graceful revival

Nobleman of Crossout

Hyper Synchron

X-Saber Anu Piranha

Fortress warrior

Limiter Overload x1

Fortress Warrior

Spell Sheild Type-8

Synchro Blast Wave x1

Pot of Avarice



Going to add:

Quick Synchron x1



On a Side note the Decks i need help against are: A Dragon deck (with Strong monsters like 5-Headed Dragon , Blue-Eyes Ultimate, Armed Dragon lvl 7 and Strong Wind Dragon), A Morphtronic Deck, A Blackwing Deck, Banned deck (with powerful support like Raigeki, Harpies Feather duster and Mirror force etc), Gladiator Beasts Deck, Plant Token deck, Spellcaster Deck and a Dark Deck.


Thanks in Advance

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Replace the Cyber Dragon thing for a Big Piece Golem or a Tricky.




BTW' date=' I need 3 Maha Violo thingys, LV4, 1550 ATK and gains 500 for each equip.



I have the Big Piece Golem so i could re-add it, won't be as good a Cyber dragon (if i had it) but it'll do.


Also only have 1 Maha Vailo and i think its not at mine chances are hes taken it with the rest for a week, ill check on Fri when he gets back. He might trade it if he doesn't use it.

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