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secret village deck


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thisd is my secret village deck need help please.



3 dark magician

2 dark eradicator warlock

2 dark magician girl

1 dark red enchanter

3 magician's valkyria

1 marshmallon

2 magical exampler

3 skilled dark magician

1 toon gemini elf

1 toon masked sorcere(allure fodder)



2 allure of darkness

1 dark magic curtain

3 magical dimension

1 monster reborn

1 mystical space typhoon

3 secret village

2 terraforming

3 toon table of contents



2 magician's circle

3 royal decree


i need help on my deck i don't know much about spellcaster. i wana make a deck using spellcasters and not using the spell counters tho.i have made this deck over and over i need help!!!

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i wanted to mix dmagician with village. i have no idea on how to build spellcasters so am using dmagician. i don't know what other spellcasters i should use. i wna use dm and spellcaster lock together. so please help me build a deck. u usualy run plant's or machines so am trying sumthing completely new

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well what kind of spellcasters do you think i should add.my cousin runs a spell counter deck so i wana make a spellcasters deck that doesn't use the common spell counter cards so i decided to run village lock but i relly don't have a clue for on what to use so help would be great and thanks your advice

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well tronta you just got banned too.


He's been banned for a while now...


If you don’t know what to do for Village Lock, I suggest getting rid of the Secret Village aspect and giving Dark Magician more support. Here’s a decent Dark Magician deck for the September 2009 Format.


Monsters: 19

3x Dark Magician

2x Chaos Sorcerer (Semi-Limited next Format)

3x Dark Magician Girl

1x Cyber Dragon (Light CS food)

3x Skilled Dark Magician

2x Magician’s Valkyria (CS food)

3x Breaker the Magical warrior (will be Unlimited next Format)

1x Toon Cannon Soldier

1x Toon Gemini Elf

1x Marshmallon (light CS food, stall)


Spells: 16

3x Toon Table of Contents

2x Allure of Darkness

2x Magical Dimension

2x Sage’s Stone

1x Swords of Revealing Light

1x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Giant Trunade

2x Dark Magic Attack

2x Thousand Knives


Traps: 5

1x Call of the Haunted (This is replacing Monster Reborn)

1x Mirror Force

2x Magician’s Circle

2x Bottomless Trap Hole (Semi-Limited next Format)


Total: 42 (this should be fine, just don’t go over)

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