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....It is OP (overpowering) Since it has to ATK restrictions. If someone plays with 8000 Life Points they can pay 6000 and your dragon will dominate the field. At least restrict it to 3000.


OCG Errors:

1. "Normal summoned" should be "Normal Summoned"

2. "any number of your life points and add it to this monster's attack and defense" should be "any number of your Life Points. This card's ATK and DEF are equal to the amount of Life Points paid."

3. "When this monster is destroied by card effect" should be "When this card is destroyed by a card's effect"

4. "subtract the attack of this monster from your opponents life points." should be "inflict damage equal to this cards ATK to your opponent."


It's last effect is again horribly OP. Even with my suggested restriction it would be OP. Have it say "inflict half of this card's attack to your opponent" instead to balance it.


The picture doesnt quite fit and I think you should change the attribute to Dark.



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