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Tournament Version Prize Cards


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In Japan in 1999, they made 4 Ritual Monsters into Normal Monsters to use as Prize Cards. They were Illegal because they could not be Tribute Summoned (as they were Ritual Monsters) or Ritual Summoned (since they had flavour text and no summoning conditions on them). I decided that if they had different names they'd be viable:






And now I'm looking for suggestions for more.

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ok that I didn't know' date=' did you know Junzo was originaly called Jinzo the Psycho Shocker. And that Harpie's feather duster has a different pic in Japan :P



Jinzo's actually called Jinzouningen - Saiko Shokka, which transalates as "Android - Psycho Shocker", and yes I knew that. About the art thing, no I didn't.


I miss the normal version of Flame Swordsman.....


...Does it have a different name in Japan? If so, I can do that.

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