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voting over and loser better pay

~.Da Fro.~

whos is better  

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  1. 1. whos is better

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1. Entry Fee is 5 points

2. No Spamming, Flamming or Trolling or you will be reported

3. Must be 2 star member.

4. All other YCM rules apply.


[spoiler=Card Requirement:]

Must be a Warrior/Effect monster.



1st. 10pts and 2 reps.

2nd. 2 reps


[spoiler=Grading scale]

OCG- /30

Name- /5

Pic- /5


OP/UP- /10

Playablity- /20

Total- /100




Pizza1boy: 275653p.jpg




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You know you can banned for that crap right and your asking for crap doing that read the rules



Me be judge on teh 1 onz 1 conteest in za YCM.


ok you can judge

I challenge you.


post your card' date=' your challange is accepted[hr']



this is my card

just kidding


sorry i cant accept your challange cause i dont want the mods to get involved

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heres my card


Card Lore:

Each time a Spell or Trap Card is activated place a Demonic Counter on this card. Increase the ATK of this card by 300 for each Demonic Counter on it. Once per turn during your Main Phase you can select 1 Monster Card from your deck. Remove Demonic Counters from this card equal to the level of the selected card and Special Summon it to your field.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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