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My Mill Deck


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Needle Wormx3

Morphing Jar #2x3

The Bistro Butcherx2

Hiro's Shadow Scoutx2

Morphing Jar


Destiny Hero Defender

Chainsaw Insect

Night Assailant



Book of Eclipsex3

Hand of Destructionx3

The Shallow Gravex3

Book of Taiyoux3

Book of Moonx2

A Feather of the Phoenixx2

Magical Stone Excavationx2

Card Destruction

Gravekeeper's Servant

Monster Reborn

Serial Spell


Dimensional Fissure


Trap(8 )

Desert Sunlightx3

Dark Bribex3

Magic Cylinder

Gravity Bind


Please Rate and Comment. 8)

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+1 Book of Moon(more mill)

+2 Dragged Down to the Grave (to stop good cards and thin deck)

+1 Destiny Hero Defender(extra thinning and defense)

+1 Mystical Space Typhoon(staple)

+3 Giant Rat(gets out jars/worm faster, thins deck, extra defense)



-1 Chainsaw Insect

-2 Bistro Butcher (good mill decks should be passive and defensive)

-1 Night Assailant (slows deck down)

-1 Magic Cylinder (not fitting with the theme)

-1 Serial Spell (dead draw quite often)

-1 Dimensional Fissure (doesn't help if you want to rev your flip monsters)



+1 Foolish Burial (adds jar/needle to Grave for use with shallow grave, and thins deck)


-1 Gravity Bind(slows you down)


Before Fixes - 6.5/10 - Right idea, but going too many places

After Fixes - 9/10 - Same idea, more defensive and focused

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He has 3 Book of Eclipse

yeah how'd you not see that? and i will consider your changes crow but i will definately take out magic cylinder it is pretty useless in this deck i just put it in to fill up the deck

oh and the dimensional fissure is in case of lightsworn decks.

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