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cool new dragon cards


witch looks awesome  

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  1. 1. witch looks awesome

    • The Dragon of Dark Flame LV4
    • The Dragon of Bright Sun LV4
    • Altamont Dragon of Faith

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lol card #2 is an img of a black baby dragon from Runecracker(runescape the other name is mine and my friend's nickname for it xD)


some cards could be clearer

and you are a missing line on the ritual monster(who is OPed)


and how are the LV 4 monster named LV 4 when they are clearly not Lv4



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Well I see a problem with the ritual card, there is no "dragon of the bright sun" or "dragon of the dark flame". I think that falls under OCG. If you want to have the dragon of faith be that powerful (wouldn't recommend it though) you should probablly require at least LV6 counterparts of the ritual monsters. Also not a fan of the images on the lower monsters. Also as far as "turns" go I would recommend specifying a specific phase rather than just stating turn. All the problems aside, and the slight OP I would say that I can see your idea, it just wasn't horribly well executed. It was also a rather unoriginal idea to begin with. I do like Dragon of the Dark(ness) Flame though. So I say:


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