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Second Try - more balanced and a new card


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OK I try to fix the mistakes with my first cards, and added a new one so it wouldn't just be a rehash. For the record I use (well used actually) a dragon deck and this cards would be relatively useless to me (except the rose). I'm just using the pictures I have on my computer and building cards around them. Artwork for Indigo Rose was me, Brian Nault did Warrior of El, and I have no clue where I got the artwork for Dark Side of El from. Also, what is OCG? I'm pretty sure it's just lore construction (capitalization, wording and whatnot). Yes I meant to make Dark Side of El a light monster.




Discard your hand then select 1 monster from either you or your opponents deck level six or lower and Special Summon it onto the field in face up attack position. You can destroy one card on your opponents side of the field the turn this card is activated in exchange for skipping your battle phase.


This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned when either a DARK monster is Summoned, or a LIGHT monster is sent from the field to the graveyard. If the owner controls a DARK monster this card is destroyed. This card is destroyed when it does battle with a LIGHT monster and its owner takes damage equal to its ATK points. When this card does battle with a DARK monster it can attack once again in a row. This card gains 700 ATK for every DARK monster in the owner's graveyard and loses 600 ATK for LIGHT monster in the owner's graveyard. When this card's ATK falls below 700 it is destroyed. When this card is destroyed remove it from play.


Control of this card cannot be switched. During your End Phase you can send this card to the Graveyard to bring one card from your Graveyard to the field at half of its original ATK and DEF points until your next Standby Phase. During the End Phase of the turn that the revived card is destroyed you can pay 800 life points to place 1 Dark Side of El in your graveyard to the top of your deck.



Just tell me what you think

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