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The Greatness

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It's not colored in fully yet, and the set is almost finished, but I'm not releasing it by next week or in two weeks to work on fan fics and such.


So here's my card (and yes I've finished Leaf Soldier LV2 and Leaf Soldier LV5!)



[spoiler=Effect]This card is also treated as a Warrior-Type and Winged Beast. This card can only be Summoned by Special Summon, by Tributing 1 "Leaf Soldier LV 5". If this card is successfully Summoned, add 5 Spell Counters to this card. This card gains 200 ATK for each counter on it. You can pay 200 Life Points for each counter you add to this card. You may remove 1 counter and pay 900 Life Points to select 2 cards on the field and remove them from play. When this card is attacked during Battle, remove 1 counter. This card is unaffected by Trap and Spell cards and cannot be destroyed by battle unless all counters are removed. (Damage Calculation is applied normally).

yes those are trees

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WAY to powerful. All you need to do is get a LV5(five star) monster onto the field and you can summon this thing? Levels usually go up by twos, so it should require a LV 7 to tribute, otherwise it is far to easy to get on the field. Also, it starts with an automatic 3700 ATK, which is tremendous for any monster, but especially one that essentialy only requires to tributes (releases?). I know you can remove counters but who in their right mind would attack this thing? Also the artwork is not so good. Over all


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