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Found pic, wanted to see how it turned out

Immortal Chaos

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Lore: This card cannot be Special Summoned except from the Graveyard, and only if it was sent their from your deck. This card is also treated as a Warrior-Type monster. This card gains 400 ATK for every Warrior-Type and Zombie-Type monster on either players side of the field and in their Graveyard. Once per turn, you may remove 1 Zombie-Type or Warrior-Type monster in your Graveyard from play to destroy 1 monster your opponent controls. If you use this effect, this card cannot declare an attack.


Rates? Hates? Fixes? All Welcome....

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So it can also be normal summoned or set right?



since it can still be normal summoned' date=' it balances it out much more


2000 def seems a bit low though





Thanks for the rate, I was contemplating giving it a high DEF but thought against it, since it works in Both Warrior and Zombie decks, it gets pretty powerful pretty quick. Not to mention it's OP combo with Foolish Burial and Monster Reborn, or any card to get it out.

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