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Dark Pally Deck Needz Help


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Dark Paladin you say? are yew mad?! why yes i am, but i needs improvment, so can i get some help por favor?



3|Dark Magician

3|Elemental Hero Prisma

3|The Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusion

2|Skilled Dark Magician

2|Magical Exemplar

1|Chaos Sorcerer

1|Morphing Jar


1|Toon Dark Magician Girl <--Fodder

1|Breaker the Magical Warrior

2|Mirage Knight



2|Dark Magic Attack

2|Swing of Memories

2|Allure of Darkness


1|Monster Reborn

3|Toon Table of Contents <--Easy Spell Counters

2|Instant Fusion


3|Upstart Goblin



1|Mirror Force

1|Sakuretsu Armor

2|DNA Surgery <--Power Up Pally

1|Bottomless Trap Hole

2|Rainbow Life <--Taking It Out



2|Dark Paladin

2|Flame Swordsman

2|Dark Flare Knight

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Your monsters look fine except for Mirage Knight. It’s just not worth summoning if you’re truly focusing on Dark Paladin. You also need a better Trap line-up. DNA Surgery and Rainbow Life are just not needed. DNA Surgery does nothing but change the Type of your monsters. It doesn't do any powering up, especially when Dark Paladin is already a Spellcaster. Neither is Instant Fusion and Trade-In. Instant Fusion won't work with Paladin and you don't have enough targets for a decent Trade-In draw engine.


Here are the fixes I recommend:


-2 Mirage Knight

-2 Instant Fusion

-1 Trade-In

-2 DNA Surgery

-2 Rainbow Life

-1 Sakuretsu Armor


+1 Torrential Tribute

+2 Bottomless Trap Hole

+1 Mystical Space Typhoon


This should work better. Also cuts you down to 40 cards, which is what you should be at.


Finally, get rid of Flame Swordsman and Dark Flare Knight in your Extra Deck and add another Dark Paladin. He’s your focus, so he should be maxed out. And change Magic to Spells. Spell is the correct term these days.

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You don't really need to power up Paladin. It has a spell-canceling effect, so it can't be destroyed easily. Also, almost everyone uses stuff like Stardust Dragon and Red Dragon Archfiend these days, so Paladin is bound to get some boost.


DNA Surgery is pointless unless you have Insect Barrier. And this deck is not an insect deck so it's not needed.

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