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World Of Warcraft Cards


Do you think this thread will get a war up and going fully?  

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  1. 1. Do you think this thread will get a war up and going fully?

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World Of Warcraft Cards!

Before we get into details lets just clarify the rules

1.Cards posted must be World of Warcraft Related

2.No spam please

3.Any other YCM rules

Basicly, I want to start a thread for world of warcraft cards....where we can make cards with ideas of world of warcraft, for example,


And maybe, just maybe if the thread gets popular...we can have battle of the races...like shown below

Horde teams :

Team 1 Blood elves

Team 2 Trolls

Team 3 Tauren

Team 4 Forsaken (Undead)

Team 5 Orcs

Alliance teams:

Team 6 Huamns

Team 7 Night Elves

Team 8 Dwarves

Team 9 Gnomes

Team 10 Dranei

How to choose your team

It's simple! Just tell me what race and team you wish and you can start your battle!(Please put what race you are at the beggining of your post please, It'll help alot) Readdy your decks and take world of warcraft to cards!

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