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Pokemon Giratina cards


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I know that there is 2 types and one of 'em is fake so don't say any thing a-about th-this





And this is the effect: "This card cannot be normal or set summon. This card can be special summon from your Hand by removing one "Giratina - Emperor of Time and Space - Altered Forme" from your side of field. If this card was send to the Graveyard or out of game it will return to your Hand if you payed 1000 LP. The DEF power of this card equal the ATK power of "Giratina - Emperor of Time and Space - Altered Forme" that was removed to summon this card. Each turn increase you LP by the number of the removed cards X3000 LP. This card cannot be declared as an attack target else by Light or Divine monsters. Ignore all of the opponent effects that targets this card. Discard one card from your Hand to remove from play one monster in the opponent side of field ignoring all of his effects. Pay 4000 LP, offer 3 monsters in the field as a tribute, discard all cards in your Hand and remove from play the top 10 cards in your deck to win the game. As long as this card remains face up in your side of field you cannot lose by the opponent monsters, spell or trap cards effects."




P-Please comment as you like BUT DON"T FORGET THE NOTE AT THE B-BEGIN

I h-hope that you liked 'em

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