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new beast card

Flaring Rose

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"This card can only be Summoned, when there is no Monster Card on your side of the field. When there is a Beast-Type monster on your opponent's side of the field, decrease this card's ATK by 300 to destroy the opponent's monster"


(if you dont write "opponents monster" it may be unclear wich card should be destroyed^^)


Well..You cant summon it..because there have to be at least 2 monster cards on the field to summon this..(to tribute them)..


Write something like "When this card is Summoned and you have any Monster Cards on your side of the field, this card is destroyed"


The Name is weird...ATK/DEF is ok..effect makes it impossible to summon him..and if you succesfully summoned him, its OP'd...wrong OCG

sorry but only


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