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Marvel Deck (Update regularly)


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This is my second deck, my first was about sonic and didnt receive very good critics. Well, here i am again this time better than before

This is a marvel deck if it has good responses i will update him weekly, if not, well... learn from my mistakes.


[spoiler=Spiderman & "friends" ] 78064y.jpg78064f.jpg78064l.jpg78064i.jpg78064.jpg78064g.jpg78064r.jpg




PS:i know theres no Scarlet witch but i will make her, i dont have time now.




[spoiler=fantastic four]78064p.jpg78064o.jpg78064h.jpg78064r.jpg



[spoiler= The Avengers]78064e.jpg78064p.jpg78064b.jpg






[spoiler= Spell& traps]78064w.jpg78064z.jpg78064v.jpg78064h.jpg78064h.jpg



PS:The images are all from Marvel comics database wiki

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Sorry, my bad when i said human i meant warrior.

I dont know why i write human...and for all of them. Im changing it right now.


About Young Logan, i know hes called James, but even then they called him Logan. So i used Logan instead of James Howlett.


About the effects, ok i will try. Last deck was almost all of them normal cards

I will correct that in my next update


one more thing


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