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Madame Fate Deck (OCG&TCG)

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fortune ladies:

x3 lighty

x1 fiery

x2 earthy

x3 darky

x3 watery

x3 windy

other monsters:

x2 barbaros

x1 breaker

x2 Soltaire magical



x2 future vision

x1 secret village

x2 magical dimension

x2 fortune future

x2 time passage

x1 Monster Reborn



x2 fortune inherit

x1 dark bribe

x3 solemns

x3 fortune slip

x1 Discord


Generic extra



x2 allure

x3 reckless

x3 trapeatermanz

x2 gold sarc

x1 DAD

x1 unity of family

x2 advance draw

x1 Witch of Catoblepas and Fate


with this i hope to win the Nats. im already saving up to buy all the pieces when they come out.


i put a lot of staples of this meta in side due to the next unknown banlist. depending how lolnomi make it there will be some substitutions.


any suggestions. and no putting in your own deck lists i like to keep mine a lil different.

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