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Okay so my Thousand Eyes Dragon didn't go so well... BLUE EYES EMPEROR DRAGON COME!!!



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1) The name could be better, but it works.

2) There is no reason this card should be FIRE.

3) The Level is ridiculously high. Bring it down to 9.

4) The picture is poor quality. I suggest looking through deviantart.com for a good picture.

5) Blue-Eyes White Dragon + Chthonian Emperor Dragon... my fav Dragons ^_^ But their names should be in quotes.

6) If I were you, and I see you've done this to an extent, I would just give the power of BEWD with the effect of CED. Basically, keep the first part of the effect, but take out that last random part.

7) ATK/DEF too high for a fusion of these two. I'd say MAYBE 3900/2700.


Your card... 3/10

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Blue Eyes White Dragon + Chthonian Emperor Dragon

This card can attack all monsters on your opponents side of the field. If you use this effect this card cannot attack the next turn. Every non-Dragon type monster on the field loses 500 ATK and DEF points. While this card is on the field, defense position monsters cannot be face down.


Here is a correct fix which may be close to correct (I'm good with OCG)

"Blue Eyes White Dragon" + "Chthonian Emperor Dragon"

This card can attack all monsters your opponent controls. If you activate this effect, this card cannot attack your next Battle Phase. Decrease the ATK and DEF of every non-Dragon-Type Monster by 500. While this card remains on the field, Defense Position Monsters cannot be face-down.


Overall, I think the effect is very boring and OP'd. The card itself OP'd however too. The pic is absolutely horrible quality, and doesn't fit the picture border.

The card is bad basically.

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