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Wii Numbers


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I wasn't sure whether to put this in Video Games or General.


If it needs to be moved, it will.


Anyway, this is a thread where we can exchange Wii Numbers.




I wanna have a big contact list.


All you have to do is post your Wii Number and whatever you want the person who is adding you, to call you.


Here's mine:

Ced # 1325-9577-8583-9482


Hope this works out :D

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Dweller' date=' you have the same reps! Do it!


I dont own a Wii, sorreeey!



Then gtfo.


I think this belongs in the "No one sees this thread Game Section".



It probably does.


But I just want to have a large contact list.


Mainly so I can annoy people who have a Wii in their room and send a message to them so it lights up :P

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