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Empire City: Reapers VS Dust Men VS First Sons [PG-16] [Accepting]


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The 3 Main Gangs of Empire City have finally gone out into a 3-Way War. The Reapers, the gang that owns the Neon District. The Dust Men, the gang that owns The Warren. And. The First Son's the gang that owns the Historic District. All 3 are going Head-to-Head-to-Head, Who will you work with?


Empire City

Empire City is the large expanse that We live in and is the setting for the RP (and also inFAMOUS). It gets half-destroyed and quarantined when the Ray Sphere detonates in the Historic District. It becomes an anarchic landscape destruction that We can save or conquer. Ever since the explosion the city has become a dirty, gang-infested hellhole. The citizens are miserable, as food supplies are low, and people are injured or dead on the streets. Gangs control the three districts of the city now since cops are either dead or to scared to do anything about it.


[spoiler=Neon District]

The Neon District is, as the name suggests, is full of Neon. Most of the Neon looks just like any bustling metropolis. Buildings in this district are normally easy to climb due to the massive amounts of windows and especially easy in the central areas due to the, you guessed it, neon fixtures adorning all of the buildings. There aren't as many electric lines throughout this district compared to the others, but the train lines seem to be longer.


The resident gang in this district is the Reapers, headed by Sasha.



[spoiler=Warren District/The Warren]

The Warren District, or as many call it simply The Warren, is the poor side of Empire City. Consisting of mainly run down buildings and a large shanty town with its own skyscraper of trash, this district is blatantly a place someone wouldn't visit by choice. On top of that is the army of heavily armed gang members belonging to the Dust Men, who have a unchallenged rein within the Warren's streets. After the blast, since most of the police force had abandon the district, they scavenged whatever junk and scrap they could get their hands on and built their own fortified shanty town, with a huge tower at its heart. They also constructed a much smaller fort on the western shore of the Warren, its walls made out of cargo containers from the nearby loading docks.



[spoiler=Historic District]

The Historic District is the final part of Empire City we gain access. As mentioned earlier, this district is the site of a crater from the six-block detonation of the Ray Sphere, that set in motion the events that shaped Empire City into the hellhole, two weeks after the explosion. The southern draw bridge that once connected the Historic with the Neon District had only received minor structural damage from the blast.


The shady organization known as the First Sons, who were already operating out of Empire City, quickly seized control of the Historic District, due to a lack of any sort of law enforcement agency.





The Gangs

[spoiler=The Reapers]

Before the blast the Reapers were junkies dealing in the drug trade, but afterwards they took over the Neon District. Their leader is Sasha, a powerful Conduit. It is assumed she founded the Reapers. The Reapers also seem to want to spread a plague they have which is done by pumping Sasha's black mind-control Tar into water sources including fountains and water towers. Closer inspection of Reaper bodies will reveal some of them as female, and others bore police vests with (poor) red paint jobs. All Reapers wear red hoodies with skull paint jobs on the hood, but this "uniform" differs from the different ranks.

[spoiler=Types of Reapers]

The Reapers have several different ranks, including:


Basic Reaper: These are the Reapers you will encounter most of the time while in Neon. They wear basic red hoods and carry assault rifles that resemble [AK-47's] in terms of firing and looks.


RPG Reaper: A bulkier-looking kind Reaper who wear red hoodies that look like they were designed for snowy weather and has no markings on them. These Reapers carry Rocket Propelled Grenade Launchers.


Shotgun Reaper: These Reapers are thinner and carry shotguns. A shotgun blast will knock people off their feet.


Riot Shield Reaper this type of Reaper carries a Riot shield with Reaper logos on it and must have their shield removed or bypassed in order to be easily beaten. The weapon they are using, appears to be a sub machine gun of some sort.


Reaper Kamikaze Bomber(also known as Mad Bombers are carrying Flares and are first encountered when going to recharge the Neon District's energy grid. They wear a thickly padded Hoodie packed with explosives and when they are close enough to an enemy/pedestrian they explode doing critical damage. The Mad Bombers are also used as couriers by the Reapers.


Reaper Conduits, also known as Shockwave Conduits, are Reapers who wear white Hoodies and are are much taller than ordinary humans. They have superpowers which include teleportation and a devastating shockwave energy attack which shoots across the ground. This attack can not be blocked by Shields. They also carry assault rifles which they use between their energy attacks making them difficult opponents that are tough to get close to for the sake of melee attacks.





[spoiler=The Dust Men]

The gang members are always seen wearing garbage bags over their heads and have armour made from trash. Their armor, humorously, lose parts every time a Dust Man is hit by any attacks, whether electricity, bullets or rocks. The gang has the Warren District under their complete control.

[spoiler=Types of Dust Men]

Scrap Crabs are small, crab-like figures made from garbage that spawns in groups of three and three. These are the weakest member that will be encountered in the Warren.


Basic Dust Men carry assault rifles and are able to throw grenades. They can handle more damage than the Reapers of the same sort, but where the Reapers appear to have weapons in pristine condition (or at least close to that), most assault rifles used by the Dust Men appear to be both old and rusty. While some of the Basic Dust Men don an "armor" of scrap and a matching cape, others wear quilted jackets and cargo pants.


RPG Dust Men, similar to their Reaper counterparts, carry RPG's, but are more thoroughly armored. They appear to have a fabric bag pulled over their heads, and can survive a Head Shock.


Shotgun Dust Men, although very seldom encountered, are a threat to reckon with. Similar to their Reaper counterparts, only able to withstand more damage.


Grenadier Dust Men, carry a Grenade Launcher that fires ordinary grenades in a rapid fashion. Other from that, they look similar to the basic Dust Men.


Kamikaze Dust Men carry Flares and have a set of explosives strapped to their chests. Similar to a Mad Bomber, but can handle more damage.


RPG Conduits Dust Men are heavily armored figures that carry RPG's and have the ability to spawn an infinite number of Scrap Crabs from a weird, cage-like "backpack" from their back. It is implied that they have limited telekinetic abilities, and that the "backpack" consists of the garbage they are using to make the crabs. These Conduit can withstand a lot of damage several Head Shots.





[spoiler=The First Sons]

Through Kessler's reign the First Sons continued to exploit their mentalist heritage. In fact the only way John White was able to infiltrate their order was to tell the First Sons he was a low level mentalist, he was then over the course of the following months beaten and tortured to encourage the growth of his abilities. Some time after entering the organization John entered Kessler's inner circle and was trusted with several important missions such as removing Sasha from organization headquartersters, and hold the Ray sphere while Kessler performed tests upon it.


[spoiler=Types of First Sons]

The First Sons are the most powerful faction encountered in Empire City, and have their troops outfitted to reflect such. The generic First Sons flunkies wears a brown trenchcoat, with a helmet and gas mask. Equipped with modern assault rifles, they can take and dish out more damage than the Reapers or Dust Men.


First Sons Conduits are larger than the troopers, and will grow even bigger when they spot enemies. Highlighted with a purple outline, they flash red whenever they take damage. When the outline fades, you'll still need to kill the Conduit itself.







Application Form:


Age: (18-40)


Appearance: (This'll be for when not in Uniform)

Gang: (Reapers, Dust Men, or The First Sons)


Special Skills: (Like lockpicking, can climb FLAT surfaces, etc)



[spoiler=The Reapers]

[spoiler=Sasha (Me)]

Name Sasha

Age N/A

Gender Female







Gang Reapers

Type N/A

Special Skills Sasha is the leader of the Reapers. She is one of the few people who had powers before the blast. Before the cataclysm she was in the First Sons and sometimes worked with agent John White when he was undercover within the organization. Post-Blast, she is the leader of the Reapers who dominate the Neon District. Sasha produces a black tar like mind control agent, then she creates a plague by introducing the tar into the water systems of the Neon. The symptoms the body experiences when infected with the tar are hallucinations and, eventually, mind control.





[spoiler=Dust Men]



[spoiler=First Sons]





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