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My main Deck


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Level 1-4 Monsters


1.V-Tiger Jet

2.The Creator Incarnate

3.E-Hero SparkMan

4.E-Hero ClayMan

5.E-Hero WildHeart

6.Slient Magician LV4

7.Insect Knight

8.E-Hero Avian

9.Luster Dragon

10.X-Head Cannon

11.Z-Metal Tank

12.Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab

13.W-Wing Catapult

14.7 Colored Fish

15.Man-Eater Bug

16.Y-Dragon Head


18.E-Hero Burstinatrix

19.E-Hero Bubble Man


Level 5-6 monsters

1.D-Hero Dasher

2.Majestic Mech-Ohka


Level 7-12 Monsters

1.Super Conducter Tyranno

2.The Creator

3.Silent Magician LV8


Spell Cards

1.Lighting Vortex

2.Rain Of Mercy

3.E-Emergency Call

4.Share The Pain

5.Mystical Space Typhoon X2

6.Hammer Shot


8.Horn Of The Unicorn

9.Mage Power

10.Creature Swap

11.Serial Spell

12.Fusion Recovery

13.Swords Of Revealing Light

14.Ring Of Defense

15.Soul Exchange

16.Dragged Down Into The Grave

17.H-Heated Heart




Trap Cards

1.A Rival Appears!

2.Compulsory Evacution Device

3.Dust Tornado

4.Xing Zhen Hu

5.Pitch-Black Power Stone

6.Trap Jammer

7.Elemental Recharge

8.Shattered Axe

9.Jar Of Greed

10.Barrel Behind The Door

11.Mask Of Restrict

12.Magic Jamer

13.Bubble Crash

14.Deal Of The Phantom

15.Backup Soldier



Extra Deck


1.E-Hero Flame Wingman

2.E-Hero Shining Flare Wingman

3.XYZ-Dragon Cannon

4.E-Hero Rampart Blaster

5.VW-Tiger Catapult

6.E-Hero Muddballman

7.E-Hero Electrum

8.E-Hero Mariner


So what do you think

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These two links should help. The first one is the BAN LIST. If you've read it, MST is LIMITED TO ONE.


The second link is to help you find a theme. This deck looks like random cards thrown into a pile you called a deck. Mixing E-Heroes, dragons, dinos, VWXYZ cards and other types is not a theme. You need a theme.


Just as a warning: prepare for massive flaming.

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note to self,


stop going into topics with the word "deck" in the title


i seem to be slowly wasting my life on looking at such things


this deck sucks, the cards are so random it's making my head hurt. i see XYZ monsters, heros, a draqueen, a neo gaycian, RANDOM VANILLIAS?! and to top it all of POLYMERA&^$#*ZATION!



pick a THEME (decks are suppose to have one) such as heros or XYZ unions, when you do that, i will be more then willing to help you

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