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New Dark Beast cards

Kingnova unlimited

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Sen Jorgin is OP, I'm afraid.


Anyways, I love the names used on them. Are they from a foreign language or something?


Anyways again, try to improve your OCG and try to find better pics for your cards. You should try deviantart.com. Also, but a cost to Sen Jorgin.


Otherwise, good.



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i would say the first card is very original, but the background is bland, try and come up with a better pic or put in on a different background.


try instead of saying: one or more "Dark Beast"


you could say one other monster with Dark Beast in its card name on the field, so its not so confusing.


mayby for Sen Jorgin you could have something like if you sommon this monster by this effect it is destroyed at the end of your turn.


i love the idea i give it a 8/10

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