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[spoiler=Convo]Sammeh (H) (on Zombie Assault 2 ;)) says:


*question time?

                Harreh(H)                    says:


Sammeh (H) (on Zombie Assault 2 ;)) says:

*What is a dream?

                Harreh(H)                    says:

*a dream is a fictional interpretation of a life sequence or a random series of events sometimes triggered by emotional or physical factors

Sammeh (H) (on Zombie Assault 2 ;)) says:

*I meant

*what actually is it, in physical reality and how do you picture yourself there?

*because it isn't like a memory, it's different

                Harreh(H)                    says:

*well i suppose it is a fictional reality kind of your own world, where anything can happen

Sammeh (H) (on Zombie Assault 2 ;)) says:


*So what is a lucid dream? :P

                Harreh(H)                    says:

*ask josh..:L

Sammeh (H) (on Zombie Assault 2 ;)) says:

*He didn't even know what a dream was

*He said "No idea"

*a lucid dream is a dream that you are "living" in. You are subconsicously(sp?) awake inside your dream, and you can control all your actions and feel everything as if you were living. You think you're living and have no idea that you're in a dream; the only way to tell is to check a watch or a clock, and then check it again (time is completely different and it would have changed drastically), so you have to where a watch to sleep if you want to know if you're in a lucid dream



For the record, I'm Sam.


(oh, and Josh does know what a dream is, he's just a lazy jabroni who can't be asked to reply when he's "busy". >_>)

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