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So I tried to make Ratbox Competetive


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And it worked =D. (Sort of)

Got 1st at locals (4-0)

Beat a LS, GB, Faildragon, and plants.

This seems like itd fail against rescue kitty...


Thunder King x2

Cyber Dragon x1

Giant Rat x2

LJM x2

Card Trooper x1

Gigantes x2

Sangan x1

D.D. Warrior x2

Neo-Spacian harrassment mole x1

Caius x3

Thesty x1

Nimble Momonga x3

Exiled Force x2


Book of Moon x2

Monster Reborn x1

MST x1

Heavy x1

Creature Swap x2

Bcon x1

MR x1

LV x1


Troar x1

Torrential Tribute x1

Mirror x1

BTH x2

Solemn x3

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