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[Photoshop/Works on Gimp!] How-to-Render


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[align=center]Yay, first tut. I used Photoshop CS4 for this.



[spoiler=Step One - Finding Your Image]RenderTutShot1.png


This should be easy - finding the picture you want to render, and opening it in Photoshop. For this tut, I'm going to be rendering the Jinzo - Returner card.


[spoiler=Step Two - The Pen Tool]RenderTutShot2.png


With the settings I had selected, zoom in with the Pen Tool and begin to trace around the outline of the image...


[spoiler=Step Three - The Continuation of Step Two]RenderTutShot3.png


...keep going around the image...


[spoiler=Step Four - Finishing the Loop]RenderTutShot4.png


Once you've gone all the way around, click on your starting point again and you'll get the lining around your future-render.


[spoiler=Step Five - Cutting it Out]RenderTutShot5.png


Right-click your image, then go to 'Make Selection'. Copy my settings.


[spoiler=Step Six - Poof]RenderTutShot6.png


You should get those lines there...push Ctrl+X and cut the image.


[spoiler=Step Seven - New Layers]RenderTutShot7.png


Make a new layer, and hide the card layer.


[spoiler=Step Eight - Pasting]RenderTutShot8.png


Ctrl+V and paste in your render to the transparent background.


[spoiler=Step Nine - Aesthetically Pleasing]RenderTutShot9.png


Optional, but you can blur the outline with a circular brush of around size 9-11. Just trace around it; it will give a more eye-pleasing result.


[spoiler=Step Ten - Cropping!]RenderTutShot10.png


Does this need an explanation? Crop the image.


My Result:



PM me your results when you use this tut! I'd love to see 'em. ^^



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