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Somebody tried to make DaggerBurn...But I'll make it Better....>.<

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3 x Gearfried The Iron Knight

3 x Royal Magical Library

1 x Magician of Faith

3 x Magical Exemplar

1 x Cyber Jar

1 x Witch of the Black Forest

2 x Summon Priest

2 x Night End Sorcerer

1 x Dark Magician of Chaos


1 x Butterfly Dagger - Elma

2 x DDR

3 x Armz Hole

1 x Harpie's Feather Duster

1 x Pot of Greed

1 x Foolish Burial

1 x Graceful Charity

2 x Allure of Darkness

3 x Toon Tabe of Contents

3 x Endymion

2 x Terraforming

1 x Monster Reborn

1 x Reinforcement of the Army

1 x Toon World


3 x Tempest Magician

2 x Arcanite Magician

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