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how do i show my cards



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In the Card Maker, click the picture of the Preview. Wait a moment, and a URL will appear beneath the picture. Simply copy and paste that link into a thread.


If you have the pictures on your computer, upload them on a website such as ImageShack, TinyPic, or Photobucket.

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Heres how I do it.

1.Get 2 homepages of yugioh card maker

2.Change one to the catergory(Popculture,Realistic,Other)

3.At the top right corner of the page there should be something that says NEW TOPIC.Click on it.

4.Go to the other page and get out a card that matchs that catergory you picked.

5.Once you've opened that card,Click on the card.

6.At the bottom it should say UPLOADING.Then there will be tons of letters and numbers.

7.Click on them until its all blue.

8.Right click and click copy.

9.now go back to the other webpage and right click again.

10.Press paste and then write about the card and then click POST THREAD at the bottom and,POOF!You have a card posted!

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