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Law of the World [Accepting, not started]


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[align=center]After the last so-called 'Game' and Inumaru became God. He thought that he should start another 'Game'.


And like the last one, the winner gets the Blank Talent where someone can write what they want on it and everyone knows the rest.




All YCM rules apply.




You can do God Candidates if you want, you can make them up or something.


Picture (Descrip or Pic):
Power (Like turning money into tornado):
Level 2 Power (Should be related in any way to your power):
Type (Human, Heavenly Being, Hell Dweller):
Sacred Treasure Level (For Heavenly Beings, 1-10):
Number of Talents (5-300):
Bio (Optional):
Purpose for joining (What you want when you win):



[spoiler=My App]

Name: Apollo

Age: 16

Picture: foxdemon2.jpg

Power: Can turn beads into flames

Level 2 Power: Can change the shape of the flames and control them.

Type: Human

Number of Talents: 120

Bio: Apollo has always been good with flames. He usually actually played with the flames and never gets burnt. Although. one day, when he tried fire walking, he ended up in the hospital. Determined to be able to do it, he was luckily chosen by a God Candidate to compete in the 'Game'. He is determined to win, no matter what.

Purpose for joining: To be the best fire walker.



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