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My deck...


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This is my main deck, the one I've been using for 2.66 years now. I don't plan on getting rid of it, so I just keep working on it as new cards come out.

And in case nobody could tell yet, I don't like to go with the mainstream decks. I like to be unorthodox....


Total is 50.



Toon Dark Magician Girl x3

Toon Goblin Attack Force x3

Toon Gemini Elf x3

Toon Cannon Soldier x3

Toon Masked Sorcerer x3

Shiba-Warrior Taro x3

Tragoedia x1 (Kleptomania for the win!)

Marshmallon x1

Kuriboh x1 (I like using him on Judgment Dragon and Dark Armed Dragon...)

Morphing Jar x1



Toon World x3

Toon Table Of Contents x3

Emergency Provisions x3

Enemy Controller x3

Lightning Vortex x3

Swords Of Revealing Light x1

Scapegoat x1

Monster Reborn x1

Heavy Storm x1

Giant Trunade x1

Mystical Space Typhoon x1



Threatening Roar x3

Royal Decree x3

Mirror Force x1




Gaia Knight, The Force Of Earth x1

Psychic Lifetrancer x1

Magical Android x1

Iron Chain Dragon x1

Black Rose Dragon x1

Thought Ruler Archfiend x1

Tempest Magician x1

Colossal Fighter x1

Stardust Dragon x1

Red Dragon Archfiend x1

Goyo Guardian x1



Comments? Suggestions? Etc.?

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