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Local Tournoment Report

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Well, to start off this has been one of the most challenging locals ive ever had, due to the very strange matchups , i hope you enjoy


(also my memory is a bit fuzzy on most matches so some might be short)


I was running my kitty glads deck


(19) - monsters

2 gb laquari

1 gb equeste

2 gb samnite

1 gb bestiari

1 gb murmillo

1 gb darius

1 gb secutor

3 test tigers

2 rescue cat

2 summoner monk

2 x-saber airbellum

1 sangan


(11) - spells

1 monster reborn

2 gladiatior proving ground

3 book of moon

1 heavy storm

1 mst

1 brain control

2 cold wave


(10) - traps

3 solemn judgement

2 gb war chariot

1 torrential tribute

1 mirror force

2 bottomless trap hole

1 mirror wall



round 1 - little boy



the thing is his turn 1 was summon 1900 beatstick, i had nothign to get out of this and drew no defensive traps i eventually just got beatdown


game 2

i start off hard and fast!, and gyzerus him like mad, i felt sorry for beating him as he was a cute wee kid ^.^


game 3

im sure this game he ran into many miffor forces and torrentials, i storm is backrow hit some sakus or magic drain i got in some attacks, hes low of lifepoints i get monk out and DSF for game




round 2 - volcanic oppression (uhoh)


he was running the deck to pretty much cripple mine, i think he won the first round, as he gets out an early oppression on a test tiger i cant summon stuff i lose



i now know what deck hes using, so i start to play smart, i solemned a volcanic rocket which basically won me the game as he didnt get oppression out fast, i attack bestiari blow sheet up attack for game after possibly getting a herk out im not sure i think i also war charioted a rocket too nothign he could have done



this time he does get oppression out again, not to worry this game ended in my favour after a storm i get stuff out with darius for DSF food

reilise i couldnt otk hes very low on lp however, he brains my DSF and instead of attacking darius and tributing itself he tribs for caius, i solem and attack for game, marvellous, thnak goodness for bad players




round 3 - strange random zombie dad deck

game 1

well im not too sure how i won here it was pretty fast, i never lose to this guy even tho hes a good player :L, it makes me feel kinda bad ;/

im pretty sure i DSF for game however


game 2

i made the funking most epic glad beast play EVER

i go kat

test tiger samnite

shuffle in get secutor

attack bestiari pop backrow

i got equeste got a card back from grave

gotsomthign else im sure got darius somehow got back laquari fused into herk he has nothign i have herk and discard fodder

he just loses




round 4 - kittysync ;/

game 1+2

i really dont remember mutch about this i know that i won 1 he won 1


game 3

i was goign to win i was dooing well, but it was the dooing well part that funked me over 3 darks in grave drops dad game




round4 - very budget sworn , 0jd 1 honest 0 charge

game 1

he makes epic mills, i do my best to fend off attacks, i make a good gyzerus play luckily he was a bad player and didnt notice the 3 funking necros in his grave, it looked liek id win, but he celestias me for ggame


game 2

i won this probably DSF :P i also gyzed his rykos which i was happy about =3


game 3

repeat of the first game wasnt fair but oh well


now i went 3-2 in swiss, but as i got beat off the people that done well i top 8d :D


top8 - big sandy and his blackwings :(

game 1

i know i started off well his lack of defensive traps where good, i first turn goyo steal his cydra, it goes downhill for me there


game 2

it starts to go my way i win this, i have no idea how i think i got a chariot on somthing might have been a herk yes i made a herk and fuckd his sheet up


game 3

this was the hardest duel ive ever had! im sure he hid behind a armour master, fuckthat i thot bang murmillo

it eventually got to a point where he was topdecking, i was very low on lp 2 turns of attacking and i win im trying to think of a way to win without him top decking a brain control for game, sadly no outs i synchro for dsf and hope to god he does nothing, he draws and passes time has been called, i attack again, his turn... nothign i win =D




top4 apprentice monarchs game 1

starts funny, he draws PWWB then monarch then pwwb then monarch then pwwb thi he cant recover from he gets out oppression but it didnt matter


game 2

another funny game i know i made some mega play mistakes but he prohibitions rescue cat i draw a monk, and go "yess!" summon it then go...wait...lol anyhoo i heavy storm then he cannot recover DSF game




top2 - another monarch deck not sure how it made it this far

game 1

some clever bottomlesses on my part and solid gyzerus play really sealed the deal for me this time


game 2

some silly play mistakes on my part made me lose this i think, i cant eve nremember why tbh i know the next round was mine


game 3

i pretty much draw a godhand synchro into TRA for some reason attack his juju master, it was a small setback as i just clear the field and attack for game


i funking won it!


i got 4 packs and pulled jank however


traded an amazoness chain master, and some other junk for a dark strike fighter sea dragon gilgishnodon thingy and a gorz ;)


traded 2 rykos and a war chariot for a dandylion


and some magician junk for an arcanite magician


so all in all a great day!

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