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[D'one]Wolf Magic: Pentagram of the Beasts


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[align=center] Time to remerge


Hie is me again, today i bring you my newest card, Wolf Magic: Pentagram of the beasts, is a card with a Hardtofind Graphic, with a Extra-large effect to increase its rarity, and it would be banned to just 1 for deck, or even removed is it got onto the TCG game, but... still its double edged knife would leave your wide opened and without cards if it get removed from the field. so care your cards, care your life ^^ [Credit of pic: Deviantart]



Pay 1000 of your Life Points to activate this card. This card gains a Pentagram Counter by every "Pentagram" monster of your control and every "Pentagram" Spell or Trap card(Max.4). Remove any number of counters to activate the following effect: .-1: Draw the card of the bottom of your deck.- 2: Speccial summon a "Pentagram" beast from your graveyard. - 3: Activate a Spell or Trap card from your graveyard. -4: Tribute one of your monsters and deal Damage to your opponent equal to the Level x 200 of the monster. When this card is destroyed, all the "Pentagram" monsters you control are removed from play.[/align]

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