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Good cards..or sth. like that.

Big Lez

What do you think?  

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  1. 1. What do you think?

    • I would totally use them in my Deck!
    • These cards are OP'd
    • These Effects are so realistic!
    • sucks
    • I don´t like them that much..

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...WOW! How could anyone think, that i tried to make strong effects? xD..oh, man..there are4 guys who understood these cards..and im not talking bout the 4 "sucks"-Guys^^


Well. Only making realistic cards is ok. But only making well balanced realistic cards?..hmm..but i was sick of all these OP'd cards..so i made some UP'd..absolute Useless cards..enjoy.


And if any duelist. Is able to win with such a set..he might be the best duelist ever..


AND..i dont care if there are OCG-Errors..because i dont want this cards to be my best ones..xD



[spoiler=View Effect]Pay 1000 Life Points to send any monster from your side of the field to Graveyard. If the monster you sent to Graveyard is affected to any effect your Life Points are decreased by 2000. As long this card remains face-up on the field, your opponent can choose to either attack your Life Points directly or to attack twice with every monster he controls.



this might be the best (you could equip her^^):



I know..the name fits perfect^^




[spoiler=View Effect]When this card is Summoned, your opponent can Special Summon up to 3 monsters. As long this card remains face-up on the field your opponent's Life Points cannot be decreased. When this card is destroyed, you must discard 1 card from your hand to increase your opponents Life Points by 2000.



I love this one:



..well try and summon this one xD





Here he comes: Ultimate Destroyer, Warrior of the Apocalyptical Darkness


[spoiler=View Effect]This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by Tributing 5 Beast-Type monsters from your side of the field. This card cannot declare an attack. When this card is attacked your opponent's Life Points are increased equals to the ATK of the attacking monster. When this card is destroyed and sent to Graveyard your opponent can Special Summon any card from his Hand.




[spoiler=View Effect]When this card is destroyed Special Summon this card on your opponents side of the field in face-up attack position. When the control of this card is switched it's ATK is increased by 5000. The control of this monster can only be switched once.


Why not^^..a little gift for your opponent xD



The funny thing is, that this card looks good..But believe me ..it totally sucks


[spoiler=View Effect]When this card is Summoned decrease your Life Points by 1000. This card cannot declare an attack. When this card is attacked, increase the ATK of the attacking monster by 500. When this card is destroyed by battle, increase your opponent's Life Points by 1000 x the number of cards in your Graveyard.



The useless Little Demon would be a part of this set..but i allready posted him

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