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glad beast help

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hey this is my IRL glad beast deck and i want to know if any one can improve it but i cant really get solemn, mirror force, and goyo gaurdian so if u could please dont add them in thank you.


GB or bust




2xGB equeste

2xGB darius

2xGB hoplomus

2xGB Dimicari

2xGB Samnite

2xGB laquari

1xGB secutor

1xGB octavius

1xGB bestari

1xGB murmillo




3x Gladiator Proving Grounds

3x Shrink

2x Gladiator Respite

1x Reborn

1x Magical mallet




3x Waboku

3x Gladiator War Chariot

3x Bottomless Trap Hole

3x Reckless Greed

2x Complus Evac Device


Extra deck-4

2xGB gyzarus

2xGB herakilnos

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this is not how you run glads


that build is pretty weak for glads, try along the lines of this:


Monsters: 20

x3 Laquari

x1 Murmillo

x1 Beastiari

x3 Samnite

x1 Esquete

x1 Darius

x1 Hoplomus

x2 Test Tiger

x3 Prisma

x2 Cat

x2 Airbellum


Spells: 15

x3 Proving Grounds

x1 Reborn

x1 Heavy

x1 Votex

x1 MST

x2 E-Call

x3 Book of Moon

x1 RoTA

x1 B-Con

x1 Mind Con


Traps: 5

x3 War Chariot

x1 Torrental

x1 Mirrior Force


Total: 40


Extra: 15

x1 Gyzarus

x1 Herkinkleus (id^%@&k how to spell it)

x2 Stardust

x1 Goyo

x2 Black Rose

x1 DSF

x1 Armory Arm

x1 RDA

x2 Iron Chain

x3 Ally of Justice Whatever his name is

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