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Cyber Archetype (Please rate!)


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Hello world! I am Designation_Leader and I am here to present to you my new set of cards: Cyber. These cards introduce 3 new card types, 2 new summoning types, and an entirely new way to play the game. Before I post some cards, I will first explain how to play the game...the Cyber way...


Cyber cards

Cyber-Type monsters are a type of monster I've introduced. They can only be summoned after the activation of the card "Cyberspace". In addition to that, Cyber cards have the unique ability to be Upgraded, allowing for Upgrade Summons. Cyber cards usually have 'Cyber' somewhere in their name and their typing on the card reads [Card Type/Cyber], replacing 'Effect' at the end. Also, I will try to create Cyber versions of major cards, such as Cyber Blue Eyes, Cyber Dark Magician, and Cyber Exodia.


Virus cards

Virus cards are also a new type ofmonster I've introduced. They can only be summoned after the activation of "Virus Detected", which also grants the ability of Upgrade Summons. However, you just can't summon a Virus-Type monster. In order to summon it, the normal version of the card must be face-up on your side of the field. Once that is met, the Virus version of the card may be summoned to your opponent's side of the field. These cards are demonic in the fact that they stop your opponent's abilities to draw, attack, and activate cards. However, these cards cannot be targeted for an attack and protect your opponent from losing Life Points, which means that these cards HAVE to be removed from the field. There is only one card that has this effect. The summoning of a Virus-Type card is called an Infection Summon.


Upgrade cards

Similar to the Synchro Summon, Upgrade Summons are used without a specific card like "Polymerization". Upgrade cards are also very powerful versions of the card before it. In order to Upgrade Summon a card, the normal version of the card must be on the field and you must Tribute 1 or more non Cyber- or Virus-Type monsters. Instead of sending the normal version of the card to the Graveyard, the Upgraded version is placed on top of the normal version. Once the Upgraded version is destroyed, it is returned to the Fusion Deck and the normal version is safe. Damage Calculation still applies.


So now, without further ado, the first few cards of my new Cyber set! I hope you enjoy!


[align=center][spoiler=Monsters][spoiler=Cyber and Upgrade Cards]do86ty.jpg








[spoiler=Virus Cards]xd86x1.jpg














I will post effects to cards when I can. So bear with me...


There's more to come so stick around!

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