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My Custom Game [Self Designed]


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[align=center]This is a game i made myself and ive been working on for awhile and have some prototypes of it. everything i do was either hand made or made off of paint.net or photoshop


well its a board/card game kind of like a yugioh duelist of the rose + yugioh dungeon dice monster.


the main point of the game is to attack the other person General (kind of like yugioh duelist of the roses deck leader)

you move pieces around and attack like duelist of the roses and yugioh dungeon dice monster etc.etc

the rest of the rules are explained below


[spoiler=[b]Pre-Game Rules[/b]]


1. Up to 3 people can play


2a. If only 2 are playing, toss a coin to see who goes first.


2b. If 3 are playing play rock, paper, scissors.


3. The winner of the toss/RPS chooses a side (Good or Bad), then the second/third player chooses their side.


4a. If 2 people are playing, the winner of the coin toss gets to pick first. Take turn picking characters until both have 10 characters. Then you pick characters for each other, once again take turns picking until both have another 10 characters. If done correctly both players should have 20 characters.


4b. If 3 people are playing, the winner of the RPS gets to pick first. Take turns picking until all of you have 7. Then take turns picking characters for the player clockwise of you until all of you once again have 7 characters. Then take turns picking characters for the player counter clockwise of you until you have another 7 character. If done correctly every player should have 21 characters.


5. Then the winner gets first picks for props/items, then go clockwise for the other player(s) to pick there props/items until all players have 7.


6. Then all the players decided on a Landscape to play on.


7. Then shuffle the Decks.




[spoiler=[b]In-Game Rules[/b]]


1. A game is equal to a player winning 2/3 matches.


2. To win a match you have to attack the General.


3. Rounds - There are 4 rounds

+ Pick Up Round - During this round you pick up cards. Cards can be place down during the Place Down Round.

+ Place Down Round - During this round you place down the cards you picked up the Pick Up Round. You can only place down cards up to 2 spaces away from the General.

+ Move Round - During this round you can move you characters and attack.

+ Turn End Round - Your turn is ended.


4. Each player can only have up to 5 characters on the Land at a time. When you place down a character match it with one of the 5 character pieces of the respective player. The character pieces are a little round box type piece that come in 15 colors. Player 1’s colors are red, blue, blue-green, dark green, and orange. Player 2’s pieces are purple, pink, cyan, lime green, and yellow. Player 3’s pieces are black, white, gold, silver, and brown.


5. Each player can only have 2 props/items on Land at a time. When you place down a prop/item match it with one of the 2 prop/item pieces of the respective player. The prop/item piecse are small treasure chests that come in 3 colors. Player 1’s treasure chests are brown. Player 2’s treasure chests are gold. Player 3’s treasure chest are black.


6. To remove a character, you have to drain their Shield Power and Energy Count have to reach 0.


7. To drain the Shield Power, Strike the character and subs tract the Strike Power from the Shield Power. If there is a negative difference then take the remainder from the Energy Count. And if there are no shields left subtract the Strike Power from the Energy Count.


8. When your enemy strikes your character, place counters on it to determine how much Shield Power/Energy Count is left. Green Counter determine that it is the Shield Power, and Blue Counters determine the Energy Count. If a superior element attacks an inferior element the strike power goes up by 25%. (Round to the closes number; ex. [Electric (STP - 5) à Aqua (SHP - 5)] à+25%à [Electric (STP - 6.25 6) à Aqua (SHP - 5)]


9. When a character moves it can be in any direction on the Landscape one space, unless the ability says other wise.


10. Every 5 turns each player selects prop/item, and they choose an opponent which get to choose whre to place it on the landscape. To use an item, your character have to go over the space that it was placed. If you go over your opponents prop/item you remove it from the field, but cannot attack with that character that turn.


11. There are 6 types of Landscapes. Volcano, Mountain, Plain, Ocean, Forest, and DD (Digital Dimension). A land can be raise, normal, or lowered. It counts as a move space if you go up or down, and if your character can only move once they are in between the 2 lands.


12. When a match is over take your deck and add character cards to it until you have 20, you cannot re pick the cards that where removed from the previous game if there are no more. You can tell how much is left by the Number Of spot on the character card.


13. There cannot be 2 of the same element on the field at the same time.


Still Working on It


[spoiler=[b]Card Example[/b]]


35d9ru0.png[spoiler=[b]Terms (Part 1)[/b]]


A. Number - Each character has a Number. This is the order they were made. Characters with an “X” is a special character


B. Character Name - This displays the name of the character’s name


C. Side - Each character is part of a side, Good (G)/Bad (B). Some characters are G/B, which mean they can be either Good (G)/Bad (B).


D. Number Of - The restricted number of how many of the certain character that can be in a game.


E. Energy Count (E) - If the energy count is reached to 0, the character is removed.


F. Strike Power (STP) - How much damage a character does when it strikes.


G. Shield Power (SHP) - How much damage a character can take before getting to the energy count.


H. Energy Count # - The number of energy a character has.


I. Strike Power # - The strike power of a character.


J. Shield Power # - The shield power of a character.


K. Element - Each character has an element that you can choose. Some characters can have multiple elements. (The elements are Pyro, Wind, Shine, Lunar, Mech, Aqua, Electric, Frost, Rock, Undead, and Grass).


L. Weapon Indication - This tells if a character can hold a prop/item. Yes (Y)/No (N).


M. Body Part Indication - This tells if the character has; Hand (H)/Feet (F)/Claws ©. With you can tell whether they can hold which type of prop/item.


N. Picture - The picture of the character. Which I found off google and edit a little edit of it myself


O. Ability - Every character has an ability, some have multiple abilities, that allow them to do certain things that can aid you in a game.


P. Stage Up (G) - Tell you what is the next stage of the certain good character. A character can only be staged up once. Some characters also have a bad stage up. To stage up the character has to destroy 2 other characters.


Q. Stage Up (B) - Tell you what is the next stage of the certain bad character. A character can only be staged up once. Some characters also have a good stage up. To stage up the character has to destroy 2 other characters.


[spoiler=[b]Terms (Part 2)[/b]]


* Element - There are 11 elements total

+ Pyro - a fire type element that uses all thing hot.

+ Wind - a wind type element that uses the sky also.

+ Shine - a light type element that uses brightness also.

+ Lunar - a dark type element that use shadow also.

+ Mech - a mechanical element that includes steel, iron, metal, and machinery.

+ Aqua - a water type element that uses all thing liquid.

+ Electric - electric type element that control lightning, thunder, and electricity.

+ Frost - an ice type element that uses coldness that includes ice and snow.

+ Rock - an earth type element that uses parts of the earth like rock, boulders, and the ground.

+ Undead - a element that turns characters into the living dead like zombies and vampires.

+ Grass - an element that uses agriculture like grass, leaves, branches, and roots.


* Character - The playable beings in the game.


* Props - Things that the character can use like weapons or armor.


* Items - Thing that can change a character, prop, or landscape.


* Landscape - The field, weather, and condition for the game.


* Stage Up - A term for a character leveling up to the next stage.


* General - A General is your main character you have to protect, if he gets attack you lose the match. A General can move. You can only place down characters, props, or items up to 2 spaces away from it.








DC = Yu-Gi-Oh


Character = Monster

Prop/Item = Spell/Trap

Landscape = Field



Element = Attribute/Card Type

Ability = Effect

Stage Up = Tribute

Pick Up Round = Draw Phase

Place Down Round = Main Phase

Move Round = Battle Phase

Turn End = End Phase






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Hummm Epic.....


A card game that actually works just need to find the pics and what not and this would be perfect.


but im sure you could find users who could easily make a game using thesse cards.


actually i have more pictures and ill will post the board design and other stuff soon

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