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~Ovechkin Rocks Custom Image and Icon Archive [6/???]~


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[align=center]Welcome to ~Ovechkin Rocks Custom Image and Icon Archive~!


This Archive currently has 6 Images and Icons at the moment.


Here you can get Custom made Images for your cards and Custom made Icons for your Avitars.


If you want to use any of the Custom Card Images just place pic credit beside your card like this [image Credit ~ Ovechkin Rocks].


To place these in your card just copy and paste the code below the pic into the Picture URL in the Generator and you have your pic.


For your avi just copy and paste the code into the avitar URL in the change avitar function in the User CP.


[spoiler= Ovechkin Rocks Custom Card Images]

[spoiler= #1]




[spoiler= #2]






[spoiler= Ovechkin Rocks Custom Icon Images]

[spoiler= #1]2820q5c.gif



[spoiler= #2]




[spoiler= #3]




[spoiler= #4]






[spoiler= Requests]

We also take Requests. If you want a certain Image just PM a render. You have the option to let me choose a backround from my choosing or you can PM me a background. All requests will be posted in the above 2 spoilers and beside the number will be (Request ~ the person).


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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