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The Xiaolin Temple ~A Xiaolin Showdown Club~

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[align=center]Welcome to the Xiaolin Temple. We've been expecting you, so as soon as you complete this test, you may begin your training. The test should be easy for some people. After you finish the test, PM me the answers along with your app and I'll let you join.


[spoiler=Test]1) What is the name of the Dragon at the Xiaolin Temple??

2) When did the first episode of 'Xiaolin Showdown' first air?

3) Name 4 main Heylin villains.

4) Name the places where the four Xiaolin Dragons are from.

5) Name at least 2 Shen Gong Wu.



[spoiler=Rules]All YCM Club and Organization Rules apply



[spoiler=Banned Members]No one...yet



[spoiler=Members][spoiler=Xiaolin Dragons]Chaos Sonic-Raimundo

Shonen Jump-Omi


X-31 Fighter-Master

Yondaime-Grand Master Dashi



[spoiler=Heylin]CeDeFiA-Jack Spicer





Name: (what you want to be called here)

Side: (Heylin=Evil and Xiaolin Dragons=Good)



[spoiler=Banner] rkdfk6.png

[url=http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-144384-page-1.html] [img=http://i32.tinypic.com/rkdfk6.png][/url]


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