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Lost Memories(Yugioh Academy Fan-fic)

Alastar Rainford

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well thoughts have been going through my mind about writing a Fan-fic for a while so I thought to myself why not.First Fan-fic(Which I might need help on for Character development)hope fully it runs good.The set time is somewhere between Gx and 5Ds


[spoiler=Characters thus far]



Deck:Hero Deck

Bio:One of the main characters.A mystery student who arrived to the academy without a memory of his past.

[spoiler=Deck List]



Elemental Hero Ocean x3

Elemental Hero Prisma x2

Elemental Hero Stratos

Elemental Hero Voltic x2

Elemental Hero Woodsman x3

Elemental Hero Wildheart

King of the Swamp x2


Snipe Hunter

Treeborn Frog




E - Emergency Call x3

Heavy Storm

Lightning Vortex x2

Miracle Fusion x3

Monster Reborn

Mystical Space Typhoon

Polymerization x2

R - Righteous Justice


Future Fusion




Bottomless Trap Hole x3

Compulsory Evacuation Device x2

Mirror Force

Solemn Judgment x2

Dark Bribe x2




Extra Deck(7)


Elemental Hero Absolute Zero

Elemental Hero Gaia

Elemental Hero The Shining

Elemental Hero The Great Tornado

Elemental Hero Terra Firma

??? Hero ???

??? Hero ???





[spoiler=Aimi Izumi]


Deck:Fairy Deck

Bio:A nice obelisk blue female who tries to befriend people whom seem out of place.Her decks mirrors that of her good image towards others.

Deck List:Coming Soon





[spoiler=Chapter 1:Oh Sweet Forgotten Memories]

My mind went through what just happened the last few hours only to know that once I stood up I fell flat on my face.Both my legs and arms were knocked out of place and my wings...wait I have wings?My mind was hurt as though there is something I mustn't see yet;I look over my shoulder to find two scares parallel straight down my back.As soon as I realize what happened I found cards on the ground scattered all over.As I question myself images appear on them" Heroes?"I rummage through them and memories of dueling came into my head."Gah!!"my head started to scatter like the cards,then fell right before someone could find me and take me to someone's room.I don't know how much time passed but when I awoke my deck was put next to me and I was laying in a hospital bed where a nurse was asking for a name right when I woke up.I started thinking but nothing came to mind until I looked in the mirror and saw me and the 5 hero cards which I could name The Shining,Great Tornado,Absolute Zero,Gaia and two shadows next to them.


"your name please."the nurse said as he stared at me with a glare


"Uhmm I believe my name is Kaitsuo,"I said in a questioning way


"Well Kaitsuo do you have a last name?"

"I..I Haven't remembered it yet,"once I answered I picked up my deck and went out the door.


"W..wait!!"A girl in a blue skirt and white,and blue blouse came running to me with something in her hand"I found this next to you while you were out conscious"She gave me what came known to me was a duel disk.


"My name is Aimi..Aimi Izumi"She said Cheerfully"What is yours?"


"Kaitsuo...just Kaitsuo"She looked at me in half acception and the other half confusion.


"Uhmmm...You do know this academia is having an entrance exam,and by the looks of your duel disk you are pretty good..so how about you try it out?"

I looked around and thought to myself something happened to me here and it looks like it is my only choice"O..Okay,"I said as I arose a fake smile across my face.Then I was pulled into the registration area and left alone.




As I left the boy there I went up in the stands to watch as new students were coming into the arena's where Kaitsuo soon ran out of and readied his duel disk below."I hope I was right about him," she says as the duel starts and Kaitsuo's and the inspector's Life points show up on the screen.A computer then shouts"Duels Start!!"The incoming students then ready their duel disks for their first duel at the academy.All of a sudden Kaituo's duel is shrouded in darkness.




I load my deck into my duel disk when everything goes black around me,and the inspector is turned into a black caped man."Challengers first boy."a while after he said the phrase my deck was shuffled and I drew my first hand.


"Okay!!First I lay down 2 cards then play E-Emergency call pulling out Stratos from my deck and summoning him onto the field...next I use its effect to bring Ocean to my hand then end my turn"

The man then laughed drawing his starting hand"Hehe..I play Heavy Stor""Oi not so fast Solemn Judgment on your heavy storm"


LP:4000 LP:2000


"Heh oh well now I play D.D.Survivor to the field""Bottomless activate""Not like that will hurt me"He said as I stared at him with silence"I place one card Face Down then End"Survivor came back onto the field as I drew he enterupted again"Activate Macro Cosmos!"as I studied the trap card I looked in my hand"I summon Ocean to the field"I went through my hand and picked the card"Miracle Fusion!!now come forth Absolute Zero"as I played him Memories start to go through my head again and other card images go through my head.Is this my real deck?I question myself"You there boy?"the man questioned as I got back into focus and grabed my other card"Now Watch this..I now use Polymerization in my hand to fuse Absolute Zero and my Prisma in my hand to Summon The Shining"I paused as the monsters on both sides of the field were removed from play waiting for another memory but nothing happened.


The Shining


1 "Elemental Hero" monster + 1 LIGHT monster

This card cannot be Special Summoned except by Fusion Summon. This card gains 300 ATK for each of your removed from play "Elemental Hero", "Destiny Hero" or "Evil Hero" monsters. When this card is sent to the Graveyard, add 2 "Elemental Hero", "Destiny Hero" or "Evil Hero" monsters that have been removed from play to your hand.



The Shining Strengthens to 4000."Now end this my friend " as the field cleared he was still there."I threw away Kuriboh to cancel your attack damage"I glared as he stood there still at 4000 LP."I place a card face down and end"Survivor came back to the field as he drew his card"I switch survivor to defense position then use Tuning to bring one Tuner to my hand"as he activated the card another popped out of his deck."And that Tuner would be Sinister Sprocket then I discard 1 card"

"now Sprocket come to the field and Synchro with Survivor to bring out "Ally of Justice Catastor""


1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters

If this card battles a non-DARK monster, destroy that monster without applying damage calculation.



"Activate Bottomless"


"God Damn It!!"the man said in dismay.Ally of Justice?The name rang a bell in my head but nothing more.

"I end then Special Summon Survivor in Defensive position"


I then drew and looked at my hand which gave me an Idea"I Summon My other Prisma to the Field and activate its effect to target my Terra Firma and Remove another Ocean from my deck changing The Shining's attack to 4300...Now Prisma attack Survivor"I paused as the figures do battle and Survivor is removed again"And now Shining destroy his Life Points!!"As his Life points went to Zero the field turned back to normal and the inspector was back to himself"Gah!!"he looked like he just seen a ghost once he came back"Uhmm you get Blue?Ya blue!"after he said that the man ran off as the stadium glared and clapped at me at the same time.As I looked at their faces I wondered"What did I just get myself into?"



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