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All My pokemon Sprites


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here is all of my pokemon sprite

I will add more

[spoiler=first series ]

672um9.png Named Mewfour

4iza5d.png Named Black and white solider

4pvbs2.png Named Eevee King

2uz495e.png Named muddarkis

91mq1z.png Named pictom

24vlg21.png Named torgross

2mydont.png Named pipidile

xoo3ub.png request by Yu-gi-oh for-life



tell me which you like the best

I am taking requests

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The Mewtwo sprite is too blah meaning that you tried to fit too many ideas into the sprite, which makes it look overloaded and bad. You also mirrored the horns and wings, which is a splicing no-no


The 'Black and White soldier' also looks crammed with too many sprites.


The Evee sprite doesn't make any sense, and is more of an Evee with accessories rather then a splice.


The Mudkip is too dark for me to correct, I do like the color scheme regardless.


I like the color dialga scheme on the Rotom sprite, but you mirrored the objects that are replacing the lightning bolts.


I don't like the color for the next sprite, you also messed up the border colors on the X


Pipidile is fine.


I don't know what you were doing with the colors on the next sprite, but they don't work.


All in all, good job.

You have some issues that should improve in time, keep splicing.

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