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Master White

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It's Right in its name, sounds simple enough.

How many cards, one per contestant, please.



Invert a cards color or change its outside to a cool color if you know how. Real or Made on this website are allowed.




[spoiler=Judging and Need Judges]

Want to be a judge, just pm me and I'll feed you in on everything.


How I'm Judging


If real, everything is good. Just Graded on the Coolness.

If not,

Inverted Color:10/100






[spoiler=How to invert]

This is the only way I know how.

For real cards, Scan the real card and when the preview shows up, it the invert color button and click accept.

For Fake cards made with this site, just simply print the card and rescan it.




[spoiler=Entry Fee and Main Prizes]

However much you are willing to donate for the prize pot. 1st and 2nd winners will split 1/2 of the pot. The other 1/2 pot goes to me.

[spoiler=Other Prizes]

1st place: Winner gets 3 reps and in addition, if he/she joins any other contest, he/she gets a pm saying that I'll pay for the entry fee from me, as long as it don't exceed my points. Pm Valid once only, if contest holder wants to know if it has been used, I'll tell them.

2nd place: 3 reps and a pm from me saying that he/she can join any one of my next contests he/she wishes to Join. Pm Valid Once only, and I will know if it has already been used.

No 3rd place. Sorry





[spoiler=End Date]

Due to certain circumstances, the end date is now extended to Aug 20, 2009.




[spoiler=How to change the borders color]

I know some people know how to do that, I've seen it done in the kirby contest, but I do not know. On the other hand, I think it could be done using gimp or something else.




Last but least, have fun.

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points coming?




This card cannot be Special Summoned or Set. Discard 1 card from your hand to attack with this card. When this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent, you have the choice to inflict Battle Damage regularly or your opponent loses Life Points equal to each monster on the field x200, plus the Battle Damage. If you do not inflict Battle Damage regularly, add this card to your Graveyard and remove it from play, or pay 500 Life Points to send it to the Graveyard, not removing it from play.

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