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1 v. 1 -- Everlasting vs. DeMeNTeD...DeMeNTeD Wins, Please LOCK.


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Hey, just want to have another one v. one, first to post is my opponent. If you didn't post first, but still want to have a one v. one, post anyway, I'll face you later. Challenger chooses the challenge.



winner --- 2 + reps + 20 points from loser

loser --- 1 + rep + 5 points from winner (Because we all lose sometimes)

First to six votes wins.


Challenge -- Make a level 5-8 normal monster.Please state why you voted for what card. Let the voting begin!

Best of luck!!


DeMeNTeD's Card.



Everlasting's card


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Both cards look, and are awesome. Although they are both great, Demented's pic isn't that good to me, even though the Holo is nice. Also, I don't think everlasting's pic fits well with the ATK and DEF. Maybe tone it down a bit.


Bottom Line: My vote goes to DeMeNTed. Sorry ev. :(

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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