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Soul Purifacation-New People Needed

Curse Sasuke

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Okay here is the plot line: The Crimson Dragon is a name well nown around the world in the year 2020 every adult if they were old enough to remember definatley knows "The Choas Lineage" an evil time were members of a secret order known as "The Dark Signers" roamed the earth in total control. One of the Signers known as Luna had a gift of traveling between the human world and the monster world. After luna went into the monsters world for the last time to make her perminate residence. She found out she was pregnant and months later gave birth to a baby boy who shockingly had the same power as hers. But then the war started WWIII that is and among all the lives taken Luna was one of them. With her out of the way a new order "The Chaotic Six" were free to rule the world. And since there leader Kenno had killed Luna he obsorbed her powers now the only way the world can be saved is with the help of her now 15 and orphaned son. His name is Crow and he started his own Alliance known as the Purifiers. There pupose, save the world from the clutches of the Chaos Six. With his power the Purifiers have to go between worlds and save the monsters infected with the Crush Monster Virus. That curse put upon them by the Chaotic Six can literaly kill them and ressurect them to be used for there own bidding!




To start fill out your application:




Accociation(Choatic Six or the Purifiers):



Deck Type:


Here is Mine:

Name: Crow

Age: 15

Accociation: Purifier



Bio: My mother was luna after she died I resorted to dueling and fighting to solve my problems. I am trained in every martial art possible, I would advise not pissing me off.

Deck Type: Blackwings


Basic RP rules apply, mild cussing permitted, and a few people will be randomly selected to be part of an insane plot twist, you will know if you are one of them.


HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

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Guest TheFinalFan


If it weren't for the fact that I have school starting up soon, which will heavily restrict my online capabilities, I would sign up.

I'm sorry.

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