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{{Tournament Style}}LOCK => Victory to X-31 Fighter!


You Decide  

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FWhew...last match of Round 1. We made it.


This is an official {{Tournament Style}} match.

First card to receive either 10 votes (use the poll, people), or has the most votes by the end of 2 days, is declared the winner.


The task: Create a spell or trap card that supports FIRE monsters.


Card A



Card B


This card can only be activated if your opponent controls more cards then you control. After activation, Special Summon this card: it is treated as an Effect Monster Card (Pyro-Type/FIRE/Level 4/ATK 1000/DEF 1000). When this card is Special Summoned, it gains the following effect: "If your opponent activates a card effect that targets a FIRE monster you control, you can Tribute this card to negate and destroy it. If this card is destroyed by battle, you can add 1 FIRE monster from your Deck or Graveyard to your hand."[/align]

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Volacnic Ash is quite overpowered. The effect seems fine but I would have used card Level restriction instead. The pic of the card is well, should have been ok if not for the Deviant Art symbol^_^


Card B gets my vote. More useful effect and better pic. It's a total package.


Although i think card B's owner lived in China^_^

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I did. Now i see votes in the poll which doesn't have any explanations. Honestly' date=' i don't think using polls is a good idea.


[s']That's why i didn't use it in the BOTB. I only counted legit votes[/s]


Yeah, I'm realizing this now. I'm planning on requesting reasons for the next set.

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