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Strifes Complete DBZ collection


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Welcome to my Dragon Ball Z set. My goal is to bring to you a set that contains every hero, villain and support member seen throughout DBZ. This will include cards for even the chars that are around for a short time. For example I will be presenting cards for warriors such as Frieza's lackey Cui in the near future. I intend to create spell and traps in the future as well but will stick to monsters until most of the main cast has be released.


As of now I have about 50 cards created. For the moment I will only reveal a select few. My reasoning behind this is that releasing to many cards at once can be overwhelming. Most cards wont be read and it will be harder to help critique my effects as I will be open to any ideas to better this set. Feel free to criticize anything you think can be improved and I will surely oblige if I agree with your ideas.


Structure of the set for now will be a Heroes tab, Villains tab and Support tab. My intended update will be a minimum of 1 card a day for the first few weeks(expect 2-3 new cards a day). The set will focus on Z cards but will contain a few GT cards such as SSJ4 and Goku reverted to his kid state. I have not decided if I will do a complete GT section as for the most part I am against the series as a whole. If this set catches on you can expect a Dragon Ball set in the near future as well.


Without further ado I give you the first cards of the set!



[spoiler=[b]Son Goku[/b]] 167596.jpg167596l.jpg167596o.jpg167596r.jpgThis card cannot be normal summoned or set. This card cannot be special summoned except by sending 1 Super Saiyan 2 Goku from your hand or field to the graveyard, tributing 1 monster on your side of the field and paying 1000 LP. Monsters you control cannot be destroyed as a result of battle. You may pay 1000 LP to negate the activation of a spell card once per turn. You may discard a card from your hand and pay 500 LP to destroy one set magic or trap card on your opponents side of the field once per turn.


[spoiler=[b]Vegeta[/b]] 167596f.jpg167596w.jpg167596c.jpgThis card cannot be normal summoned or set. This cannot be special summoned except by offering 1 Super Saiyan Vegeta from your side of the field as tribute. You may tribute 1 monster from your side of the field to destroy 1 of your opponents monsters. When this card makes a direct attack your opponent cannot activate traps during the battle phase.


[spoiler=[b]Kid Gohan[/b]]167596.jpg


[spoiler=[b]Teen Gohan[/b]] 167596.jpg167596u.jpg167596.jpg




[spoiler=[b]Kid Trunks[/b]]167596j.jpg167596x.jpg


[spoiler=[b]Future Trunks w/sword[/b]]167596n.jpg167596n.jpg


[spoiler=[b]Future Trunks[/b]]167596t.jpg167596a.jpg167596f.jpg


[spoiler=[b]Z Warriors[/b]]167596.jpg167596.jpg167596b.jpg167596pn.jpg





[spoiler=[b]Saibaman[/b]] 167596.jpg


[spoiler=[b]Raditz[/b]] 167596o.jpg


[spoiler=[b]Nappa[/b]] 167596h.jpg





I hope you enjoyed my first few DBZ cards. I look forward to seeing your comments and continuing to provide you with more DBZ cards.

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Pretty big update. I ran into some big computer problems right after posting this thread last month. luckily i was able to recover my cards. Added ss2 and ss3 goku, ss2 vegeta, ss2 gohan, kid trunks and goten as well as their ss forms. a bunch of future trunks cards and some more of the z warriors.


please let me know what you think. I will try to update this thread more often so bare with me.

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