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ancient beast suport and new present beast

bobby burrito

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I see 3 same cards


Once per turn you can Special Summon 1 "Ancient Beast" monster from your Deck. Summoned monster is destroyed during End Phase of turn it was summoned by this effect.


There is no archtype as Ancient Beast, so it means you must name each card you can summon in card lore.


When this monster is destroyed by battle or by effect of a Card controled by your opponent, destroy attacking monster or Card with effect which destroyed this monster. Your opponent discard his/her enitre hand.

Over powered



When this monster is Summoned decrease ATK of all face-up monsters on the field by their Level x100



This card can only be Summoned if "Ancient Beast Sybertooth" is in your Graveyard.(...). If this card attacks directly with it's effect you take effect damage equal to the damage made to your opponent.



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