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deck contest it is a suprise

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to be honest i didint want to make card so ill just type (real cards also) i dont have latest banned list so sorry if this isint a legel deck


3x mystical knight of jackel

3x kuribo

3x Elemental Hero Clayman

1x Twin Headed Behemoth

2x King Tiger Wanghu

3x Destiney Hero Defender

2x Ancient Gear Enginer

3x Cybernetic Aligator


3x multiply

1x scapegoat

1x monster reborn

1x swords of raveling light (sorry i cant spell)

3x diffrent dimension capsul (again spelling)

2x destruction meteor (sorry i know this is not its real name but its effect is inflict 1000 points of damage but it cant be activated if your opponent has les than 3000 lifepoints)


3x sukuratsu armour

1x magical cylinder

2x ultamute offering (yet again spelling sucks hear)

1x trap hole

1x mirror force

1x threatning roar (spelling lol)


hope you like this

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