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Naruto Cards

Demon Eyes Kyo

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Nice cards mate...good try, some wicked pics you have got there matey like em alot!! The effects on some are abit plain but Sakura is nice, maybe lower its ATK and points as its a power house and has a very good effect for you with no negative/draw backs maybe drop it to 2200/1500 that would be more average. Also Nine-Tailed Demon effect is nice but I think you should drop the part about being able to summon Naruto instead increase Sakura ATK or DEF points or draw 2 cards from your Deck, lower its ATK to 2800 as its effect is powerful and I think your there. The Equip Card is alittle bland, maybe increase his ATK but also why not have it that he could destroy 1 monster on the field whose original DEF points are lower then his or something like that...just an idea....Ill give you a all round 8.5/10 good work keep it up!!


A few pointers for you text:

attack points is written like this ATK points

Normal, Special and Flip Summon all have capitals like this as does Life Points, Deck, Graveyard, End Phase and any other phase you can think of lol. face-up or face-down, and LIGHT attribute all in capitals like this and Warrior-Type is done like this just a base for you to start on mate not meant to be harsh or mean!!


Just so you know mate these cards should be in Pop Culture even if they are realistic or not....sorry DON'T BOTHER PUTTIN' IT BELOW HE HAS BEEN TOLD NOW, THE POOR BOY DOESN'T NEED SIXTY MILLION OF YOU TO REPEAT IT!!!!

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