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My First Card (Edited)


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im gonna help you out here' date=' people on this site dont like Normal Monsters(Vinallas), you need to use real types to be taken seriously, like Warrior, Fiend, Ect. Good idea for the card, make it have an effect and youll be in buisness



Oh, okay, got it, affect monsters and proper types, thanks for the advice :P

Okay, I've added an affect and changed him to a warrior :)

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Lol' date=' that's funny.

1: Your OCG could use work. Check out some real cards for work.

2: The effect is nice, the card isn't OPd at all.

3: 7.8/10[/color']

thanks for the advice

i like the effect. but being a level 6 you might want to change the DEF to 2400. the pic is awsome.


great first card. 8/10


cheers ;)

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