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Dark Gaia Infernal Gainer OTK

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Flexible Deck for fun, made with cards lying around:


Total: 40


Monsters 21:

The light hex sealed fusion


Medium Piece Golem x2

Big Piece Golem x2

Koa'Ki Meiru Gaurdian x2

Stone Dragon

Giant Kozaky

Emmisary from Pandemonium

Imprisoned Queen Archfiend

Infernal Incinerator

The Wicked Dreadroot




Malicious Edge

Infernal Gainer x3 (For OTK)


Spells: 15

Lightning Vortex

Swords of Revealing Light

Heavy Storm

Nobleman of Crossout

Monster Reborn

Clock Tower Prison (to not take damage while stalling)



Future Fusion (Multi P. Golem, dumping cards in grave)

Dark Fusion x3

Dark Calling x3


Traps 3:

Scrap Iron Scarecrow

Royal Decree x2


Fusions 6:


Malicious Fiend

Lightning Golem

Dark Gaia x3

Multiple Piece Golem


Please rate/comment, suggestions, although I don't have many cards to add, sadly. Thanks in advance.

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