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The Superterrificultrafantastic DX club!


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DX has reformed. DX HAS REFORMED! This means that I am going to run ammuck on YCM. So can you by joining this club.


Our purpose is mainly to have fun. Contests, RPs, all that stuff.


We need to have leadership here in this Allience, so here we are:


President: Me

VP: Kitty Princess



We are the only 2 somewhat in charge. DX is not about leadership, it's about FUN.


We do have rules though. They are:


No Spam

No Spam

No Spam


Those 3 rules should be easy to obey.


Here is the Application:



Wrestling Name:

Our Motto:

Why you want to be in DX:


That's not very hard to do, so if you want to join, fill it out and post it on this thread.


Our Members are:

President - Yugiohrulez! as Jason Endeavor

Vice President - Kitty Princess as Randy Orton


Stein-hakase as HBK

Monohawks as Black Hawk

Insert Name Here as Phoenix


And if your not down with that...





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My app

Username: Kitty Princess

Wrestling Name: Randy Orton (figures)

Our Motto: If your not down with that them we got 2 words for ya/ and ARE you Ready?

Why you want to be in DX: Dis being the Legend Kiler it's fun seeing pple humiliated.. and this is hilarious...

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